Back in the Day

Here’s a photo taken back in 1976…it was taken in front of the old Yolo County Courthouse in Woodland, and shows YCSO’s runners in the first, annual Yolo County LE Fun Run. L to R: Hal Wulff, Mike Mangiaracina, Chris Bowman, Marty Flatley, Jim Sale and Joe Schreiner
YCSO softball team in early 1976 Front row, L to R, Ron Heilaman; Don Ehmsen; Don Murdock; Tom Musgrove; Jerry Shadinger Back row, L to R, Clint Ring; Ron Moore; Gus Pahl; Chris Bowman; Jim Moore; Lee Refsland; Mike Mangiaracina; Jim Sale
Sheriff’s Christmas Party, 1951, held at the Woodland Elks Lodge
A photo of the YCSO/DSA destruction derby car taken in 1973, at the Hangtown Fairgrounds in Placerville. Shown Lt to Rt: Sheriff Jim Cameron; Dan Snyder: David Langhorst; Gene McKelvey
This photograph was run in the Woodland Daily Democrat, circa 1980-1981. It follows the first, annual, county-wide law enforcement racquetball tournament at Crosscourt Athletic Club in Woodland. In this tournament, a county-wide law enforcement team “soundly” defeated a team from the Woodland Police Department. Shown “hooking up” one of the members of the losing team, and taking some of the winnings out of his pocket are: Front row, L to R, Ron Heilaman; Ed Harris (Woodland PD); Larry Garcia. Back row, L to R, Tom Echols; Cary Tommeraason (DA’s Office); Dave Swigert; John Criste; Larry Ostergard (CHP); Joe Schreiner
Front row – Left to right – Keith McFarland, William Conroy, Mary Pescaglini Gorman (married to YCSO Detective Lt. Jim Gorman), Sgt. George Dinsdale, Sgt. Ralph Lara, James Harper. Middle row – Left to right –Sgt. Lambert Blair, Ralph Troxel, William Blizzard, Sgt. Glen Barton, Delmar Frost, Lt. Ray Andreozzi. Top row – left to right – Ralph Bludsworth, Malcolm Cutts, Capt. Fred Martin, Chief Frank Elston, George Simmons, Joe Baker, Edward Moore.