Back in the Day

For you history buffs…The current 55 acre fairgrounds site, formerly the “Blowers Ranch”, was purchased in 1940, and Yolo County deputies probably started being assigned to the fair soon thereafter. John Criste recently spoke to Tom Dinsdale and Penny Welch, who both said that they were hired in 1957, and that deputies were detailed to the fairgrounds at that time, and probably had been for years previously.
Sidebar note…the CHP will be overseeing security for the first time at this year’s fair. (2019)

1979 Fair Security Detail at the fairgrounds.
1979 Fair Security Detail “Rommel’s Raiders”
Front row, L to R,  Gary Wohlgemuth;  Nicole Rude-Fields;  John Criste;  Stan Rommel;  Sgt. Ray Tafoya (California National Guard);  Juan Barcenas;  Ron Evans;  John Fields;  Dick Henninger.
Back row, L to R,  Dave McDuffie;  Jay Gould;  Bob Brown;  John Appolonio;  Kathryn Barrie;  John Neves;  Dave Jahn;  Ed Fincel;  Jim Peoples;  Lee Refsland;  Bart Simpson;  Tom Matthews.
Picture of 1981 Yolo County Fair Security Detail at the fairgrounds.
1981 Yolo County Fair Security Detail
Foreground, Ron Maraviov, Fair Manager
Front row, L to R,  Sheriff Ron Whitehead;  Jerry Shadinger;  John Appolonio; Jim Walshaw;  Jim Goldstene;  Tom Lopez;  Dale Best;  Jim Hathaway;  Rich Azevedo;  Jerry Smith;  (unk. first) Tanaka;  Ed Heredia;  unidentified.

Back row, L to R,  Bob Eveland;  Stan Rommel;  Dave McDuffie;  Bob Kimball; Rick Mayoral;  Tom Crayne;  Ray Sutera;  Kevin Colpean;  Chris Mertell;  Barbara Crumley;  Alice Lauria;  Paul Fisher;  Jim Near;  Joy Near; Janise Simpson.


Runners from the Yolo County Sheriff's Office in front of the old Yolo County Courthouse in Woodland.
Here’s a photo taken back in 1976…it was taken in front of the old Yolo County Courthouse in Woodland, and shows YCSO’s runners in the first, annual Yolo County LE Fun Run. L to R: Hal Wulff, Mike Mangiaracina, Chris Bowman, Marty Flatley, Jim Sale and Joe Schreiner
1976 Yolo County Sheriff's Office softball team.
YCSO softball team in early 1976 Front row, L to R, Ron Heilaman; Don Ehmsen; Don Murdock; Tom Musgrove; Jerry Shadinger Back row, L to R, Clint Ring; Ron Moore; Gus Pahl; Chris Bowman; Jim Moore; Lee Refsland; Mike Mangiaracina; Jim Sale
1951 Yolo County deputy sheriffs, dressed as a chorus line, entertaining at the Sheriff's Christmas party.
Sheriff’s Christmas Party, 1951, held at the Woodland Elks Lodge
1973 Destruction Derby car with Yolo County Sheriff deputies.
A photo of the YCSO/DSA destruction derby car taken in 1973, at the Hangtown Fairgrounds in Placerville. Shown Lt to Rt: Sheriff Jim Cameron; Dan Snyder: David Langhorst; Gene McKelvey
Photo from the Woodland Daily Democrat, taken around 1980-1981. Racquetball players from the county-wide team pretend to take money from a Woodland police officer after the county team won the tournament.
This photograph was run in the Woodland Daily Democrat, circa 1980-1981. It follows the first, annual, county-wide law enforcement racquetball tournament at Crosscourt Athletic Club in Woodland. In this tournament, a county-wide law enforcement team “soundly” defeated a team from the Woodland Police Department. Shown “hooking up” one of the members of the losing team, and taking some of the winnings out of his pocket are: Front row, L to R, Ron Heilaman; Ed Harris (Woodland PD); Larry Garcia. Back row, L to R, Tom Echols; Cary Tommeraason (DA’s Office); Dave Swigert; John Criste; Larry Ostergard (CHP); Joe Schreiner
Yolo County Sheriff deputies lined up for picture. One wife included in picture. Date of photo unknown.
Front row – Left to right – Keith McFarland, William Conroy, Mary Pescaglini Gorman (married to YCSO Detective Lt. Jim Gorman), Sgt. George Dinsdale, Sgt. Ralph Lara, James Harper. Middle row – Left to right –Sgt. Lambert Blair, Ralph Troxel, William Blizzard, Sgt. Glen Barton, Delmar Frost, Lt. Ray Andreozzi. Top row – left to right – Ralph Bludsworth, Malcolm Cutts, Capt. Fred Martin, Chief Frank Elston, George Simmons, Joe Baker, Edward Moore.