UCD PD Officer Ruben Arias

Congratulations to UCD PD Officer Ruben Arias upon his retirement!

Ruben worked Yolo SO as a Reserve Deputy in east Yolo County and put himself through an Extended Police Academy (Northern California Criminal Justice Center 1982-1983). He was hired by the Woodland Police Department in 1983. There he worked in Patrol, Motors, Investigations and Transportation, and was a Field Training Officer. Ruben received the 10851 CVC pin twice while at Woodland PD.

Ruben then went to UC Davis Police Department in 1996. He worked in Patrol, was a Range Instructor, ran the UC Davis Football Athletic Security Division for 5 years, and was a Field Training Officer.


Captain Louis Pires

Congratulations to Yolo County Sheriff’s Office Captain Louis Pires upon his retirement!

Louie started his career with the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office in 1993 as a Correctional Officer and was hired as a Deputy Sheriff in 1995. In May of 1998, Louie was hired as a Deputy Sheriff with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office. As a Deputy Sheriff he worked several different assignments including Security and Investigations at the jail, Court Services, Patrol and Investigations.

Louie promoted to the rank of Sergeant in November of 2002 and supervised several sections including Patrol, Civil, Court Services, Investigations, and Community Services. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2015, and served in the Administration and Field Operations Divisions.

He was promoted Captain in 2019, and served in the Administration and Detention Divisions. During his career he has received several awards including “Certificate of Commendation for Dedicated Service” in 2000 and 2003, and the “2011 Sworn Manager of the Year.”


Retired Chaplain Duvall and Kepi

Congratulations Chaplain Duvall and Canine Kepi on their well-earned retirement. We appreciate their dedication to our communities and first responders over the years.

Chaplain Robert Duvall served as the handler for the Chaplain/ Crisis Intervention Team for the Winters Public Safety Crisis Intervention Team. K-9 Kepi was specifically paired with Chaplain Duvall due to her ability to sense emotional stress, a talent that was heightened during her three-week training course. She has been trained to provide both active (moving to be touched) and passive (sitting still) emotional support. The team was often dispatched to assist with calls that have a traumatic component. Examples of calls included death notifications, serious traffic collisions, assaults, homicides, and crimes involving children. The Team’s unique combination of chaplaincy and crisis intervention provided much needed support for our first responders and our communities.

Happy Retirement Robert and Kepi!


Please consider joining the Yolo County Retired Peace Officers Association (YCRPOA), which was formed in 2002 by Lee Refsland, Bob Jones and Doug Bera, and was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2008, for the purpose of collecting funds to construct and maintain a permanent monument to honor Yolo County law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.  After years of fundraising, the YCRPOA achieved its goal, and on May 11, 2013, the Yolo County Peace Officers Memorial monument was unveiled in front of the former Yolo County courthouse in Woodland. Each year in May, during National Police Week, the YCRPOA hosts a ceremony honoring Yolo County law enforcement officers, who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and whose names are memorialized on the monument.

The YCRPOA also helps in other ways:

By assisting association members and their families in the time of need and distress.

By providing support and assistance to others in the Yolo County law enforcement community in the time of need and distress.

By providing scholarships and financial assistance, as well as, guidance and mentoring to students planning to pursue a career in law enforcement or public service.

By promoting and perpetuating relations among its members and workers in law enforcement, whether retired or still actively serving.

By providing a forum, or social setting, in which members and non-members, may renew acquaintances, make new friends, discuss topics of mutual concern/interest; thereby, promoting camaraderie and social growth.A

You are invited to attend the next monthly meeting of the Yolo County Retired Peace Officers Association (YCRPOA) scheduled for 0900 hours on the third Saturday of each month.  The meeting will be held at the Woodland Elks Lodge, 500 Bush Street, Woodland, CA.

Contact John Criste at for more information.


Enjoying a reunion with Fairfield PD retirees at the first annual retiree shoot!


Fifty years of Concord PD History at the Retiree CCW qualifications.


Front row – Left to right – Keith McFarland, William Conroy, Mary Pescaglini Gorman (married to YCSO Detective Lt. Jim Gorman), Sgt. George Dinsdale, Sgt. Ralph Lara, James Harper. Middle row – Left to right –Sgt. Lambert Blair, Ralph Troxel, William Blizzard, Sgt. Glen Barton, Delmar Frost, Lt. Ray Andreozzi. Top row – left to right – Ralph Bludsworth, Malcolm Cutts, Capt. Fred Martin, Chief Frank Elston, George Simmons, Joe Baker, Edward Moore.