Firefighter Heroes from Solano and Yolo Counties

August 5, 1863
E.D.L. Bryant
Thomas L. Johnston
On August 5, a fire burned the S.C. Hastings home in Benicia, in which two firemen were killed, E.D.L. Bryant and T.G. Johnston.

January 25, 1884
Daniel Scully
An immigrant from Ireland, Daniel Scully was quick to establish himself in the fire service of his new nation. As a volunteer firefighter in the city of New York, Scully was recognized for his bravery – an attribute that would eventually aid him during his service in the fire departments of San Francisco and Vallejo. Scully died of heart disease at the scene of a Vallejo structure fire in 1884 at the age of 42.

July 1, 1892
W. W. Porter
During the infamous fire of July 1, 1892, W.W. Porter was a firefighter who was working with his team at the Opera House to retrieve the water hose where it was stuck. Before the hose could be removed, the north brick wall of the Opera House fell on him, killing him instantly. His passing remains the only on-duty death the Woodland Fire Department has experienced.

August 17, 1920
Joe. L. Proost

September 22, 1922
Clarence Thomas
William Fox

April 23, 1937
Charles M. Dietrich

May 28, 1939
Vincent Martin Murphy

August 5, 1950
John E. McCullum
Edward Goins
Emile G. Bender, Jr.
Doyle D. Hansted
William R. Vetter

Fairfield-Suisun AFB
On August 5, 1950, the worst disaster in the history of Travis occurred, a crash of the Boeing B-29 “Superfortress” in which Brig. General Robert Travis was traveling. Approximately 20 minutes after the crash and fuel fire, the highly explosive filler in the aircraft’s bomb casing ignited, resulting in a blast that was clearly heard 30 miles away in Vallejo. The bomb explosion killed five base firefighters, Pvt. Emile Bender, Jr., Pvt. Edward Goins, Cpl. Doyle Hansted, Staff Sgt. John McCollum, and Pfc. William Vetter.

October 4, 1953
Lois Audel McIntosh
Mare Island
A 15-year veteran of the Mare Island Fire Department, Lois Audel McIntosh was a fire captain, who was assigned to the fire boats. On October 4, 1953, smoke was reported from the freight pier and crews were called to the scene. During the firefighting operation, Lois fell from one of the 40-foot fire boats and drowned. He was 48.

September 30, 1956
Godfrey Daniel Priddy, Jr.

September 1, 1961
Charles M. Hayes

November 24, 1965
James D. Greig
Mare Island
James died after suffering a job-related heart attack.

January 1, 1980
Robbin Mackbee
On July 28,1980, the 27-year-old firefighter was killed while responding to a fire.  He was the first line of duty death for the Vallejo Fire Department.

January 8, 1991
John Henry Peel

December 12, 1998
Frank G. Springer

December 18, 2005
Joseph E. Wood
Captain Wood lost the battle to pulmonary fibrosis in 2005.

July 10, 2010
William Anthony Young
William Young spent a career of 31 years moving up the ranks as firefighter, engineer, and fire investigator to become a Captain for the last eight years of his career. Bill died in 2010 after a long battle with job-related cancer.

April 11, 2016
Patrick Sean Higgins
One of several firefighters in his family, Patrick Sean Higgins began his career in the fire service as a seasonal firefighter in Porterville, California before going on to spend over 30 years with the Vallejo Fire Department. While with Vallejo, Patrick was promoted to engineer and was a ladder-truck driver for most of his career. Patrick succumbed to the effects of job-related cancer.